Staging ShimomuraSpring 2020

Past Presence: Spring 2020

Audubon in the Anthropocene: Works by Matthew Day Jackson: Spring 2020





Visible and Divisible America: In Conversation with the 2019-2020 KU Common Book: Fall 2019

KU Common Book

2019 KU Common Book Offers Complex View of United States

Council on Foreign Relations: U.S. Immigration Policy

Current Immigration Laws

Immigration and Citizenship

Recent Immigration News: CNN, The Guardian, NBC, U.S.News

Poverty By State

Poverty Statistics on Income and Poverty (2018)

Poverty Statistics based on Demographics

U.S. Census Bureau Reports Poverty Rate Down, But Millions Still Poor

2019 Poverty Guidelines

Federal Poverty Level Guidelines and Chart

U.S. Poverty Thresholds and Poverty Guidelines: What's the Difference? 

Foundling: Fall 2019

Megan Rye

Artist whose work explores adoption to speak at Spencer Museum for 'Foundling' exhibition

Adoption Statistics

What is the Cost of Adoption from Foster Care?

Adoptions from the U.S.

United States Adoption

The Chinese Adoption Effect

The Changing Face of Adoption in the United States

knowledges: Fall 2019

"knowledges" is an exhibition that questions how it is we come to know things and how information is produced and distributed, primarily in academia. The show also wants us, as audience members, to think about what it means for it to be exhibited on a University campus.

Tropes examined: education, hierarchies within academia and society, data visualization, and authority. 


Artist Biographies:

Danielle Roney

Fatimah Tuggar

Assaf Evron

Andrew S. Yang

Monitoring Immigrants

#metoo in Academia

Women and Power in Academia

Listen to the Interns: The Importance of the "Budding Scholar" for Museum Decolonization

  Power of Place: Spring 2019

Artist Biographies:

Edgar Heap of Birds

Gina Adams

Lisa Grossman

Ryan RedCorn

Ann Hamilton

Keith Jacobshagen

Virginia Jean Cox Mitchell

John L. Newman

Terry Evans

Youtube Video featuring artists talking about place